The full moon calendar 1994

Here you see the full moon calendar with the full moon dates of 1994 and exact times and dates in an overview.

Thursday27 January 19942:22:48 pm 
Saturday26 February 19942:15:00 am 
Sunday27 March 19941:09:30 pm 
Monday25 April 19949:45:00 pm 
Wednesday25 May 19945:39:24 am [*]
Thursday23 June 19941:33:06 pm 
Friday22 July 199410:15:54 pm 
Sunday21 August 19948:46:54 am 
Monday19 September 199410:00:30 pm 
Wednesday19 October 19941:17:48 pm 
Friday18 November 19947:57:00 am [/]
Sunday18 December 19943:17:06 am 

Time specified in Central European Time (CET) or Summer Time (CEST)

Digital calendar from the 1990s. The first full moon as of 1990 was on Thursday, 11.01.1990.

[**] total lunar eclipse
[*] At this point in time, a partial lunar eclipse takes place.
[+] Blue moon (second full moon within one calendar month)
[/] Penumbral lunar eclipse

Here you find information for calculating the exact time, in particular for countries outside Central Europe:

Full moon telegram 1994

Deceased at full moon

  • 26.02.1994 – Leopold Kohr, philosopher, laureate of the alternative Nobel Prize (1909-1994)
  • 18.11.1994 – Anselm Franz, aviation pioneer with Junkers & Co. Motor Works(1900-1994)

Events at full moon

  • 25.04.1994 – Big hooting chorus („Buzinão“) to protest agains economical politics of the Aníbal Cavaco Silva government in Lisbon
  • 19.09.1994 – American troups marching into Haiti to reinstate an elected leader
  • 18.12.1994 – Jean-Marie Chauvet discovers the so called Chauvet-cave with over 300 cave paintings that are over 30,000 years old, at the Ardèche in South of France

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