The full moon experiences

Behaviour change in children?

I have a 5 year old daughter, during a full moon my daughter’s behaviour changes. She’s not a naughty child she just doesn’t seem to want to listen to mum, dad, grandparents or teachers during the cycle of the full moon. I find it quite funny, though some people i.e., teachers, do not find it

Mother moon

I have been a very open child. I have always listened to God, and kept him. I know God needs to be lifted. We can’t always ask God for things, we have to support God. We have to hold him, somehow fearing his greatness, and somehow adding to it even though we are low beneath


For years not even knowing what date the full moon would be, I always have a “mood” sometimes I am full of energy other times I might be feeling blue, have knowledge of things before and when there is something not right somewhere. And days where I have no energy at all and sometimes I

And the moon be still as bright

It was 1950, or ’51. I still had five years to go before I would graduate from high school. A very impressionable young man who didn’t care much for the world around him. At every opportunity, his head was either in the stars, or his nose in a book of sci-fi.  Ray Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles”

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