The full moon experiences

Does this happen with anyone else?

Well this is not really an experience but a feeling or emotion. I’ve found that during every full moon I happen to actually see I get restless and usually spend the entire night staring at the Moon or just restlessly pacing in my computer room. I don’t really know how to say this but the

Born during the full moon

Thanks to you all, for your diligence. After years of being a fan of and great admirer of Luna, thus a Luna lover, I find to my delight, though no surprise that I was born during a full moon 8/18/1940. I knew there was an overflowing of a nearby river, so I was somewhat prepared

Smiling at the full moon

My parents sometimes say things about the full moon effecting our lives. I remember my dad asking if it was a full moon, because of some crazy (in a bad way) things that were happening.  I always smiled at the full moon, instead of blaming it for bad things. Full moon days for me were

Communion with the Moon

There have been periods of time when I refused to look up in the sky, in case I accidentally made a connection with the Moon. Not that connecting with the Moon is a bad thing, but if I’m unaware of it, it can throw me for a loop.  The effects of a full moon can

Powerful focus

Since I was a child I have recognized my connection with the moon. I was born on July 13th and feel the waxing and waning of the moon. The moon gives me a powerful focus. 

Feelings run deep at the full moon

Astrology speaking I am a “Moon-Child”. Birthday June 30th. As a young child, I have always been aware of the effect of the “Full Moon”. As a mature adult, I know for sure the “Full Moon” have a dramatic effect on me in many different ways …  Without seeing or knowing there is a “Full

Drastical changes

Over the years I have noticed my emotional/physical/mental state drastically changes near and on the full moon. I will get bursts of energy or deep lows (as I’ve seen mentioned before).  Tonight, I saw the moon high in the sky meaning to look at when it was technically full. Forgetting about it, I had an

Crazy at full moon

Never fails on a full moon my husband is a crazy man. I always keep track because I never know if it is going to be nice or nasty. I keep a bag packed for that day every month. I am not sure if other people have this problem but I have read on some

Talking back

My daughter has always been fairly well behaved and listens. However, every full moon she displays defiant behaviour and talks back excessively. I have noticed this since she was a little girl (2 or 3) and have always attributed it to a full moon. Now at 13 it’s no different. It’s not only on the

Tail spin

For some reason, I was drawn to this website and by chance found Carly’s experience with her childs behaviour during a full moon. I would never have thought it would have such an effect. But like Carly, I have experienced an usually insane day with my daughter! I have spent the past 2 hours with

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