The full moon experiences
Love and friendship

Full moon game

I’m very superstitious re the 13th being full moon, at least it’s not on the Friday. Our girls have a full moon game done every full moon – only the ones not dating – you write the names of three guys you like on a piece of paper, then you fold it up without knowing

In remembrance of my father

My father was in a nursing home and my mother brother and niece had said good-bye to him before we went home at 7:00 pm that evening.  The next morning at 2:00 am we got a call from the nursing home that he had passed away. We drove over to the nursing home and said

Timeless love

I was drawn to this website because we were looking into the full moon dates for this year and next.  Barry and I have decided to get married on a hot summer night with a full moon. Barry and I have reconnected after many years of being apart. For that I am very grateful because

A magical evening

This summer in July, we celebrated the 50th Birthday of our friends in Mount Shasta, California. Not sure if it was the wine, the wind, the altitude, our yummy meal of fresh local free range beef which was prepared by a local gourmet chef, or just simply the Full Moon; but it was truly a

Our lucky charm

Actually, I met my husband during full moon, at a summer party. I was attracted to him straight away but somehow I was not able to find the right opportunity all night, to talk to him. So I waited and suddenly it was as if invisible hands would bring us together. We stood alone on

Strong bonds

My love and I live three hours apart and we both have limited resources, so we don’t get to see each other nearly often enough. Some of his friends have called him a child of the moon and as a child I would howl at the full moon, so the Moon is rather special to

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