The full moon experiences
Love and friendship

Wedding on a full moon

This site helped me settle on a wedding date: Saturday, April 23, 2016. The day before is a full moon, and it’s as close as I could get for a spring wedding that year.  Read that it’s good luck in several cultures, then realized the real reason I wanted it: Mitch, the man I thought

Lunar encounter

I met my love on a full moon. I was walking home from a party one night by a lake and I noticed it was a full moon. I walked to the end of the dock just to gaze at it for a while because it was beautiful. That might sound a little weird but

Happy Anniversary

Ann & Robert, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy anniversary.   Hopefully you are at the condo in Duluth so you can watch the moon rise over Lake Superior tonight.   Last night Kelley and I finally got the pontoon boat in the water, so we got to get out

Profound connections

It was a beautiful full moon the night I got married on July 30, 1977 … we drove into the night with the bright light following us everywhere we drove … my husband and I always enjoyed a full moon every month after that for over 34 years. He passed away very unexpectedly on Aug,

Glorious full moon

My new FB friend posted (just today, moments ago) a beautiful photo of the full moon on 11.18.2011. My mom passed away on March 19, 2011 when the Moon was full and closest to the Earth. My sister and nephews scattered her ashes in the San Francisco Bay on November 18, 2011 which was the

Promising match

I wished on Nov 2011 full moon for a wonderful new love relationship to be realized. I was soon contacted by a man on the Internet and met my new “Honey” in person on Dec 10th, full moon. We celebrated January’s full moon together and have plans to take a trip together during the full

Moon lover

A full moon has always been very significant with my current friendship/relationship with this one girl. We have always looked at it in awe and beauty and we would always make sure to hang out whenever that day of the month was. So I had everything planned for that night. On my way to pick

Cherish every moment

When you look at the moon, how can you not think of God at the same time, with its miraculous beauty. I am in such amazement all the time. If you look at everything in this world as creations … by God and from God, created for you, you will cherish each and every moment

Spirits rise at the full moon

Firstly my Cherokee name is Moondancer, I too am a cancer, I feel the same about the rain as i do at full moon my spirits rise and I’m overwhelmed with content. My significant other and I are practising pagans and when we first met he proclaimed: “you will be mine by the next full

Full moon phone calls

My son left home at a young age, but for some reason he always called me when the moon was full. Many years later I mentioned it to him and he didn’t even realize that was the only time he called me.

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