The full moon experiences

Moon crazy

I lost my virginity during a full moon, I planned this. I recently conceived a baby on the latest super full moon of May 5th. I looked up the moon calendar and apparently I was born on a full moon 24/1/1978 :). hence my moon craziness 😉

Born on the full moon

I was always told by my mother that i was a miracle child and was destined to be on this Earth. I tended to agree and felt the same way deep inside, even though I wasn’t sure why. Until earlier this month that is. Let’s see if you would agree with that. I was born

Moon dream

Well, my experience with the moon deals with the dream I once had about three years ago. I was in my mother’s car, driving home from somewhere and I happened to look up at the night sky. As I looked up, I saw the crescent moon with the only bright star underneath it, and it

The animal inside of us

The following is a true experience. All times are relative and have been gathered with the help of my cell phone and what my fiance told me. Please read with an open mind. August 13, 20111:00 am to 3:00 am PSTBakersfield, CA 93301 It was about 1:00 am when I felt the now easily recognizable

Blue moon soap

I found this page while looking for the full moon schedule. Once a month on a full moon I make an organic coconut milk soap that I call “Blue Moon”. It is made with 13 essential oils. For some reason everyone loves this … not sure if it is the energy from the moon? But

Crystal dream

When I was called by a quartz crystal skull for two years I tried to ignore it. I had dreamt of blazing eyes coming to me in my sleep. When my sister sent me a photo of a crystal skull I had seen previously, it was a flash photo that has been in my dream

Moon predictions

For about 6 yrs of my life, I spent almost every moonlit night outside. I guess that ended about 3 yrs ago. To this day I can look up at the moon when it’s almost full and tell you exactly how many days it will be until the exact date when the moon shines brightest.

Unforgettable Greece

It was August 2008, my daughter, her friend and I traveled to Athens, Greece. In the evening of the full moon, we walked up to the top of the Akropolis and waited until the moon broke into the night. During the full moon there are no lights in and around the Akropolis and it is

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