20 years full moon pages
Happy birthday!

On 29th September 2023, the full moon pages turned 20 years old! For this, we have made a big full moon quiz with twelve questions all around the moon.

The full moon quiz is now closed

The 20 winners of the sets of full moon postcards “Serenade” have already been notified!

Here are the answers:

    1. Where is the “lunate bone” located?

    (a) Hand
    (b) Leg
    (c) Foot
    (d) Skull

    The lunate bone is a crescent-shaped carpal bone = answer (a).

    2. Who is not a moon goddess?

    (a) Chang’e
    (b) Selene
    (c) Tecciztecatl
    (d) Mawu

    Tecciztecatl is a moon god and not a moon goddess = answer (c).

    3. What is the first song that was ever played on the Moon?

    (a) “Full Moon and Empty Arms” – Frank Sinatra
    (b) “Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra
    (c) “Fly Me to the Moon” – Nat King Cole
    (d) “Moon Song” – Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow

    “Fly Me to the Moon” in Frank Sinatra‘s version (1964) was the first song played on the Moon in July 1969 as part of the Apollo 11 mission = answer (b).

    4. What animal are the lunar maria often interpreted to look like?

    (a) Hare
    (b) Mouse
    (c) Giraffe
    (d) Cat

    There are different interpretations of the moon seas, the usual one is a hare = answer (a).

    5. Which of Shakespeare’s mentions a lunar eclipse?

    (a) “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
    (b) “King Lear”
    (c) “Othello”
    (d) “Macbeth”

    All works contain the word moon, but only in “Macbeth” a lunar eclipse is mentioned = answer (d).

    6. How many full moons per calendar month can there not be?

    (a) 0
    (b) 1
    (c) 2
    (d) 3

    There cannot be 3 full moons within one calendar month = answer (d).

    7. Which wristwatch did Buzz Aldrin wear during the Apollo 11 mission?

    (a) Omega
    (b) Rolex
    (c) Luminox
    (d) Patek Philippe
    (e) Zenith

    Buzz Aldrin wore an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional = answer (a).

    8. How can moonquakes not be caused?

    (a) Impact of meteorites
    (b) Movements of the tectonic plates
    (c) Earth’s gravity
    (d) The expansion of the cold moon crust, when it is being warmed up by the Sun

    The Moon does not have tectonic plates = answer (b).

    9. How many American flags are currently on the Moon?

    (a) 1
    (b) 2
    (c) 6
    (d) 10

    There are six US flags on the Moon, no flags from Central or South America = answer (c).

    10. What is the “Golden Handle”?

    (a) A gold plated part of an archaeological find that depicts various planets of the solar system.
    (b) A curved mountain range on the Moon that has been shown to contain a particularly large amount of gold ions.
    (c) An effect that can be witnessed during a lunar eclipse, where the direct sunlight from behind can make it appear as if the Moon had a “golden handle”.
    (d) A lighting effect related to the crescent moon, where a crescent-shaped mountain range lies on the day-night border, making it look like the Moon has a small handle.

    It is the Jura Mountains illuminated = answer (d).

    11. Which of the following astronomical events can only happen during a new moon?

    (a) Lunar eclipse
    (b) Blue Moon
    (c) Solar eclipse
    (d) White Moon

    A solar eclipse can only take place at new moon = answer (c).

    12. On which painting of the painter René Magritte can you see the full moon?

    (a) “Le Seize Septembre”
    (b) “La Voix du Sang”
    (c) “Le Chef-d’Oeuvre ou les Mystères de l’Horizon”
    (d) “Une Porte s’ouvre sur la Nuit Veloutée”

    Only “La Voix du Sang” shows the full moon, all others a waxing or waning crescent moon = answer (b).

    Thank you very much for participating!


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