Tecciztecatl – the moon god of the Aztec

The Aztec were indigenous people (natives), who lived in Central America between the 14th and 16th century, in the area of today’s Mexico. Just like all primordial nations, they had a variety of deities and Tecciztecatl is the god of the moon. Many stories about the Aztec have been passed on, most of them appear sinister and cruel. Also their ending, precipitated by the Spanish conquerors, was bloody and does not belong to the chapters man can boast about. And so, you look to the past with split feelings.

The mythological story is more tolerable and says, when creating the Sun and the Moon, the gods let two different powers compete against each other: on the one hand Tecciztecatl, who was considered to be rather arrogant and on the other hand Nanahuatzin, who was rather reserved. The task was to jump into the fire of a pyre and after Tecciztecatl hesitated and Nanahuatzin forestalled and therefore became the sun god Tonatiuh, while Tecciztecatl was only awarded the status moon god. Thereupon, a rabbit was thrown into  Tecciztecatl’s face to reduce his luminosity – this part of the legend is surely inspired by the lunar mares. He is portrayed with a white shell on his back (or on top of his head).

As described in our article »Is the moon feminine or masculine?«, you will continue to find male moon deities, although the Moon underlies the feminine principle in the imagination of most people. Tecciztecatl is consequently a further example for the masculine aspect of the full moon.


  1. netanel schwarzmer | 17 December 2013

    the moon can caus light,so therefor the moon(god) can be very helpful.

  2. alexis | 30 May 2013

    how was it helpful to the aztecs

  3. unaminous stranger | 22 February 2013

    good narration

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