Flags on the Moon


There are currently precisely six American flags on the Moon, which were left behind by the respective astronauts at the moon landings of the Apollo missions 11,12,14,15,16, and 17. The flag of the Apollo 11 mission led the way. On 21st July 1969 at 03:56 am (CET), Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot onto our Moon and spoke the legendary sentence: »That’s one small step for (a) man … one … giant leap for mankind«. Together with his colleague Buzz Aldrin, he then planted the first flag on the Moon, which was apparently not so easy, due to the space suits, the pole rods and the condition of the ground.

It often has been discussed, whether the moon landings have really happened or may have been simply a studio production. But there is no argument of conspiracy theorists that has not been refuted, so far. The planting of the flag, as well, is readily invoked by moon landing opponents and it is claimed that the movement of the flag’s fabric should be different, to how it is shown in the film material. Indeed, one can see strong movements of the fabric and you expect this to be much calmer, due to the low gravity on the Moon and the lack of air motion. But this is not the case. The Australian documentary series »MythBusters« has examined this subject and came to the conclusion that a flag does oscillate, indeed, more inside a vacuum than in normal air.

Incidentally, there are no flags of other nations on the Moon, because Russian astronauts have never set a foot on the Moon. The flags are merely parts of materials that were left behind, just like the lunar rovers. One day, the telescopes on Earth will be strong enough to look at all those parts from down here. Then the conspiracy theories will fall silent.

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  1. Woody Adamz | 17 March 2014

    Should build a new White House up there being,most people in THAT HOUSE,already inhabit our lunar sphere……..i.e.”On The MOON…………!

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