The full moon experiences
In nature

Moon stories in powdered white

One Full Moon a bunch of people, both friends and strangers put paint on our faces. We then went to the Charles River and went to this cluster of trees that I found just that morning.  Moon stories were told and we howled very proudly! The Charles River was iced over (this was January) and


I live on the beach (east coast u.s ) and every full moon i grab my chair and sit in amazement as the giant moon comes out of the water. I have seen almost every full moon but I have yet to see the sun rise : )

Moon Over Zambia

My greatest experience with the moon came while on a soul searching vacation in Africa. Walking from the restaurant the moon filled the sky from the street level up to the tip of the sky …  As we walked down the street, people came up to us and told us to get off the street

View into infinity

I went with a couple of friends to a mountain cabin, close to Austria. It was a picture book day in summer, an orange coloured sun set and then the indigo blue nights and inmidst of it all the rising full moon … Anyway, a friend and I, we were still lying on the terrace

The full moon rainbow

Last Thursday was full moon. I went with a few friends of mine to an open air party in Prignitz (historic region in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany), and we had wonderful seats underneath an isolated oak tree. The weather had been changeable since quite some time and a thunderstorm was in the air.

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