A full moon experience by Jacqueline P.

Our lucky charm

Actually, I met my husband during full moon, at a summer party. I was attracted to him straight away but somehow I was not able to find the right opportunity all night, to talk to him. So I waited and suddenly it was as if invisible hands would bring us together. We stood alone on

A full moon experience by Brigitte S.

View into infinity

I went with a couple of friends to a mountain cabin, close to Austria. It was a picture book day in summer, an orange coloured sun set and then the indigo blue nights and inmidst of it all the rising full moon … Anyway, a friend and I, we were still lying on the terrace

A full moon experience by Ho Ho Tai

And the moon be still as bright

It was 1950, or ’51. I still had five years to go before I would graduate from high school. A very impressionable young man who didn’t care much for the world around him. At every opportunity, his head was either in the stars, or his nose in a book of sci-fi.  Ray Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles”

A full moon experience by Dora

The full moon rainbow

Last Thursday was full moon. I went with a few friends of mine to an open air party in Prignitz (historic region in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany), and we had wonderful seats underneath an isolated oak tree. The weather had been changeable since quite some time and a thunderstorm was in the air.

A full moon experience by Jessi & Chris

Strong bonds

My love and I live three hours apart and we both have limited resources, so we don’t get to see each other nearly often enough. Some of his friends have called him a child of the moon and as a child I would howl at the full moon, so the Moon is rather special to

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