Baby’s sleep at the full moon

We have already reported about the subject »Sleeping at the full moon« with the insight that the phenomenon of a restless or bad sleep around the full moon apparently exists for many people, however, we are groping in the dark if looking at the background. Generally, sceptics claim that the insufficient sleep is connected to the fact that the people concerned are more or less aware of it being full moon and therefore eventuate a self-fulfilled prophecy. Those affected, counter that they often find out afterwards whether it was the full moon or it had not occurred to them yet to make this connection at all.

There are people for whom the knowledge around the full moon or the thought of it should not affect their sleep quality, indeed: babies and small children. Many parents give the account of their children sleeping particularly restless at the full moon. And it is almost always the same that they first recognise the unsettled sleep of their children, before the knowledge of the full moon is added. So, you can exclude a transference of the belief system »full moon = restless sleep« onto the children.

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The fact that this phenomenon has not been displayed yet in a scientific study, could be because it does not concern all people in the same way. Dieter Kunz, MD, PD, lead consultant of the Dept. of Sleep Medicine at the St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin, said the following about this subject: »Nothing is proven. My personal experience with patients is conclusive. There are people who sleep worse during the days before the full moon. Even though, they are not aware of it being the full moon at the time. There is something, which does not apply to all people. But what, we do not know yet.«

Firstly, one would have to learn more about the people concerned until this phenomenon can be investigated and the backgrounds scientifically researched. This is valid likewise for adults and children.

For parents, there are many tips that could help children to fall asleep easier and to become calmer. Here are two examples:

  • It is important the bedroom is not too warm. Ideal is a temperature around 18° C/65 F. Keep a thermometer next to the bed in order to control the temperature.
  • A nice goodnight ritual is important for children. Create the same routine for every evening which also includes TLC and contains loving words. Cultivate this routine so as to both of you are looking forward to these minutes together.

Do you have further tips for the sleep? Especially for the full moon nights? Write your comment underneath this article and share your advice and experiences with others. We will continue to write about the full moon and would like to wish all of you, small and big, a restful night.


  1. Jasmine | 6 April 2017

    It is not the temperature or the sleep routine that disturbs my sons sleep. It is the “whatever that is” that leads up to a full moon, say 2-3 days before the full moon, – he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and we have to go in and calm him down, and generally is restless throughout the night (we have a baby monitor). My mum always says that she didn’t sleep particularly well during the full moon and it happens to me, although not as much as it does to my son and my mum. As soon as the full moon appears my son seems to go back to sleeping through the night. He is 19.5 months, this has been going on since he was very little, from 4 months onwards. It is so bizarre it does my head in. He is like a different baby for a few days or shall I say nights!

  2. mom | 10 July 2014

    My baby sleeps very restless during every full moon. I hate full moons.

  3. courtney | 11 March 2013

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