Children of the full moon

We would like to take a quick look at people who were born at the full moon. As to this, we remind you, contrary to widely spread opinion, that there are not more children being born at the full moon than at any other point in time during the lunar phases. Extensive studies over many decades have arrived at this result. Even though, many people may perceive or experience this differently – the numbers are unmistakably clear. We have already written an article about this »More births at full moon?«. So there are as many full moon children as there are new moon children etc.

If one assumes a world population of about 7 billion people and  an average of 12 full moons per year, it results in 3.3 % (12 divided by 365) and hence a whopping 230 million people who were born at the full moon. One could now incorporate the years with 13 full moons into the calculation, just like the leap years – but we don’t want to become too mathematical at this point.

It is by the very nature of things that amongst those full moon children, some have become very famous. Quite interesting is the birth of musicians and hereby the concentration of three big names on three different full moons in the year of 1958:

• 10th January 1944 – Frank Sinatra jr. (son of Frank Sinatra)
• 5th March 1958 – Andy Gibb (Bee Gees)
• 30th July 1958 – Kate Bush
• 29th August 1958 – Michael Jackson
• 10th March 1963 – Neneh Cherry
• 26th May 1964 – Lenny Kravitz

Hmmm … there are a few names in all other professions – maybe Demi Moore (11th November 1962) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (25th September 1969) are still worth mentioning – but certainly not a huge accumulation. The reason might be that there are actually only 3.3 % full moon children in the respective professions.

Next to the birth at the full moon, there is still another aspect: every person celebrates their birthday several times at the full moon! This takes place approximately every 19 years – mind you, only if you go by the commonly known (sun-) calendar. If you calculate your birthday by the moon calendar, just like it is the case in Islam, for example, then the full moon shines each birthday for all people who were born at the full moon.

Take a look at our 150 years full moon calendar, whether you were born at the full moon. If so, we congratulate you with moon light!


  1. Guadalupe Pardo | 29 March 2024

    I was trying to find out if I Guadalupe Pardo girl born on 12/18/1975 at 7:49pm born on a full moon and am an indigo child

  2. Madame Gina Roxanne | 27 January 2021

    Me too!!!
    Full moon August 10 1957
    4:01 AM Sacramento California
    I love the full moons, to paint them and to
    Swim in the ocean during a full moon. If you’re lucky you can swim with a pod of wild dolphins
    Any thoughts are welcome….
    Things are so depressing right now

  3. Meagan | 12 January 2021

    I was born Friday Oct31 1986 on a full moon, and every year on my birthday there’s a full moon !!!!!!!

  4. Jessica | 12 January 2020

    I was born December 30th, 1982. I was told it was a Blue Full Moon. There was also a lunar eclipse that night. I was born at 9:55pm EST. What does that mean for me, if anything?

  5. Marlo | 22 October 2017

    Hi, I was born Jan 7, 1974, 6:48p CST (Chicago, IL). My moon is in Cancer, but it looks like I was born about 12 hours before the moon was technically full. Was I born on the full moon?

  6. Patter | 25 September 2017

    I was to born on Friday the thirteenth on a full moon . I also have a black cat . My friends say I’m bad luck

  7. Sailaja | 1 May 2017

    I was born on 9 March 82. Full moon day. Nowadays​ IAM facing health problems.Will it worse even more.

  8. Andrew July 1986 | 20 April 2017

    July 1986. I was born on the full moon. As the moon started it cycle I wanted out as the moon crested it stared a child meant to to be a Pisces was born a cancer. The best week of my life. Now every time the moon pecks Im filled with energy. Can sleep some nights as the moon lights the night sky it my second sun.

    • Robin Davis | 19 January 2024

      I was born March 25th 1986 and it was a full moon 🌝

  9. GardenofEvil | 10 March 2017

    12-18-75 — ooh my god that makes so much sense. my internal battle has been great. my parents couldn’t have been more different. so very interesting I must find out more!

  10. Meriem | 7 March 2017

    What about mine?
    any details please?

  11. Pooja | 11 January 2017

    I was born on 1 august 1993 … It was full moon day with aakshabandhan … I want to know how my life goes … Like carrier earning relationships marriage … etc

  12. Dannies | 14 September 2016

    August 15th, Wednesday, 1951, 10:01pm CST?

  13. Mayur Madhukar Ahire | 30 June 2016

    I want to know about mine son 30-9-1993 on Thursday at 12.58 pm poornima day

  14. Anonymous | 28 January 2016

    I was born on Friday 13th October, 2000 on the full moon. Please tell me in depth cuz i birth on friday 13 🙁

    • person | 14 February 2016

      I was born on Friday, October 13, 2000 also!!!

    • Anonymous | 14 August 2016

      i was born on Friday the 13 in October in 2000 too, but i was also born at night

    • sav | 14 October 2023

      What is your birth time?

  15. Hannah | 18 October 2015

    I was born on October 31st 2001 which was the first full moon on Halloween in 46 years. The next one will be in 2020 which is going to be my 19th birthday

    • Jörg & Pat | 19 October 2015

      It’s all depending on your time zone. In Europe, Asia and Australia the full moon has been on 1st November 2001, in America it was the 31st October 2001.

      In 2020 the full moon will be on 31st October all over the world 😉

      All the best for you!
      Jörg & Pat

  16. Anonymous | 17 March 2015

    I was born on 18th may 2000

  17. Abhishek Rai | 8 March 2015

    I was born on 17th of dec 1994,which was a full moon…

    • Anonymous | 24 March 2015

      so was I!

  18. Anonymous | 13 February 2015

    My son was born on Friday 13th on a full moon October 13,1989

    • Dan | 27 February 2015

      I was born on October 13, 2000 Friday on a full moon on the witching hour, bad luck eh? not really, so far my life has been good

  19. Kathy | 1 September 2014

    I was born on May 29th, ’91 on a full moon. Sometimes a full moon goes down a certain percent after the initial full moon, like 98% and such. But I was born when it was still 100% visible 😛

  20. rodney | 9 August 2014

    My brother was born 1992 July 14, on a full moon night.

  21. Achu | 29 July 2014

    I too born on a full moon day 8th of Jan 1993

  22. Petra | 4 July 2014

    I got my spiritual name this year in India: Purnima which means full moon. The Babaji who gave me the name said he can see a bright light / a full moon light around me and gave me the name. He asked me if I were born on a full moon night. I said I do not know. Later I checked at the internet and tada: 4. November 1979, my birthday was a full moon night 🙂

  23. Annie | 23 June 2014

    I was born under a full moon on October 23rd 1980

  24. Steve Ra | 13 June 2014

    I was born on Thursday Night on a full moon Halloween Night 1974 .

    • Rejin | 14 September 2014

      Full moon is called Purnima and new moon is called Amvasya in India. Full moon is considered auspicious when good spirits are out in full force. Amvasya is considered inauspicious when evil spirits are at strongest. In India, during Amavasya, they lit lamps and candles and make faces, dolls and stuff like that especially in the old days as sign of warding off the evil 🙂

    • joanna | 5 November 2015

      hi steve me too,i was born on thursday 31 october 1974. i just discover this website. would you like reply to my email malasia27[at] and we can chat? looking forward to hear from you

  25. Vishal Sathyan | 27 April 2014

    My mother was born on Dec 22, 1969, on a full moon day.

  26. Anahera | 21 March 2014

    I was born 18 may 2000, I was born on a full moon, but I was also born in 2000, witch at the time was, the year of the dragon.

  27. Dr Bhavika | 24 February 2014

    I have given birth to my cute baby gal on 14th feb..full moon day!

  28. wow560 | 29 January 2014

    Born September 13 2000
    Two days earlier and 1 year later….

  29. Maddy | 18 December 2013

    I didn’t know Michael Jackson was a full moon child.

    • Luna1234 | 15 January 2014

      Omg this is right all my b-days were on a full moon

  30. poornima | 1 December 2013

    i was born on 22 july 1994 and i was named poornima which means full moon in sanskrit.

    • Anonymous | 13 October 2014

      mee too 🙂

  31. Prakash | 23 November 2013

    I was born on 11th November 1981 ……Its Full Moon Day

  32. Isabel | 17 November 2013

    I was born on 10/26/99. My mom says that it was a full moon, but according to my app, it said I was born on a waining gibbous. Was I born under a full moon or is my mom crazy?

    • deshandrews | 24 September 2014

      The moon was 92% illuminated the night you were born. Pretty close to full. Probably looked pretty full.

  33. Sebastian | 14 October 2013

    I was born 1998 December on the night of the full moon the 3rd

    • Alyssa | 20 October 2013

      August 12, 1996
      Full moon child!!!

    • sarah-monica | 5 February 2014

      I was born 1999 on the 2nd

      • sarah-monica | 5 February 2014

        On the 2nd of december

  34. Logan | 10 October 2013

    I was born October 15th 1997 on a full moon

    • Geminiguy | 16 November 2013

      All that matters is each day that you wake up too! Think about being born on a full moon as having more spiritual support in your daily life. Be greatful for everything you have and know you could accomplish anything you focus on and think about all the time. Peace out and stay positive

  35. Kay | 6 September 2013

    I was born July 22 1994 and 19 so what does that mean ???? I’m just interested in this full moon and why doesn’t it happen I’ve been told every birthday of mine. Thanks 🙂

    • Jörg & Pat | 7 September 2013

      Hi – as we said: to be born on a full moon is something special, but whether you are living a happy life or not is not depending on that.

  36. Angel Ngarea | 5 September 2013

    I was born on Nov 13, 2000. FULL MOON!! I’m only 12 years old I dont get these and I’m nervous on whats gonna happen to me when I turn 23. Please help me. All the Webs is telling different things.

    • Jörg & Pat | 5 September 2013

      Don’t worry, you are just a happy full moon child. Nothing special will happen when you turn 23. Just enjoy!

  37. Harmony | 29 August 2013

    Cancer Sun opposing sign Capricorn Moon………
    THEREFORE making me a full moon child 🙂
    One will have opposing sun and moon signs when one is born under a full moon….. An exxtra special brightness of white moonlight with me as Cancer is the sign with the ruling planet as THE MOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Savannah Mead | 22 August 2013

    September 5 2001

  39. Earhairy Pitbeast | 23 July 2013

    Frank Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915.

    • Jörg & Pat | 23 July 2013

      Yes – but his son was born on a full moon: Frank Sinatra jr.

  40. jen | 23 July 2013

    I was born on sept 12, 1992. 🙂 full moon but I want to go in depth

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