A bath during the full moon


Bathing during the full moon or in the full moon light, is a fascinating experience, which one or the other has surely made. Two ways to interpret this is either bathing in the water at the full moon (outdoors or in the bath tub), or bathing directly in the moonlight (when the light of the Moon shines onto your skin, just like sunbathing).

The Moon and the water have a symbolic reference to the feminine principle and the emotions in many cultures. In this respect, it seems to suggest itself to bathe in the moonlight. Because of the nightly atmosphere, this turns into a mystical experience. But even in your own bathroom, you can bring the magic to life. Open the window (if you are lucky to have a window in your bathroom), switch off the light and welcome the moonlight, which will flow gently into the room.

For bathing in water in the moonlight, there is probably a connection to be found in natural religions and the natives of different countries. Not only the seasons were celebrated with rituals, but also many other occurrences in nature, in particular the lunar phases. If anyone would like to add something to this or has specific knowledge, please leave a comment below this article.

As mentioned, there is the bathing in the moonlight. You lie or sit more or less attired (depending on the outer temperature) in the full moonlight and let the light shine onto your skin. Together with a glance into the night sky, this could be used for a meditation or simply for relaxing purposes.

Here is a very amusing and suitable video of the Addams Family, which throws light on this subject in a humorous way:

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