Full moon delicacies

Today, we would like to focus on a more culinary subject of everything that can be eaten or drunk and is prepared in connection with the full moon. Apparently, there is a multitude of vendors (especially in Switzerland), who regularly manufacture their products at the full moon and who detect that the quality of their foods differs from the foods, which have not been produced in connection with any lunar happenings. These products appear to sell accordingly and successfully. We have not been able to fathom out whether this is really related to the Moon – it might also be that the consciousness of the acting persons is different, or that the customers bring along the appropriate willingness to appreciate the reference to the full moon.

We would like to present all producers with the possibility to introduce their products. If you are interested and would like to be named and linked, please send us an e-mail! However, it is important that your product does not only carry the name, but is actually being produced at the full moon!

Full moon coffee

JURA WORLD OF COFFEE (Niederbuchsiten / Switzerland)

Full moon beer

APPENZELLER BEER (Appenzell / Switzerland)

Who has experiences with full moon delicacies is welcome to share their »slice of goodies« with us in the comment section. Remember, a smiling face is half the meal ;-).

In any case, we and the full moon would like to wish you bon appétit!


  1. Elle | 28 October 2012

    I have never heard of such a thing? If there are vendors that make products only with full moon, it would be interesting but it seems they wouldn’t make much since the full moon isn’t everyday? Doesn’t seem like they could profit like that? I don’t know, could be wrong?

    • Jörg & Pat | 28 October 2012

      Dear Elle,
      in Germany and Switzerland there are a lot of vendors who sell full moon products:
      They run a normal production every day and pick up the products that are made on a full moon to sell them with a special label. Obviously this works out well.
      The English speaking countries do not have this range of goods yet. Time to rev up 😉

  2. Felicia | 28 October 2012

    Excellent idea! Greatly looking forward to seeing products made during the full moon.

  3. Anonymous | 28 October 2012

    I like it

  4. Belle26101 | 27 October 2012

    Please add me to this blog thru my email….thanks!

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