The gravity on the Moon


Gravity is the force of attraction of bodies. Its intensity depends on the mass: the more mass, the higher the gravity.  This is the reason why the gravitational pull is greater on Earth than on the Moon, because Earth is considerably larger and heavier than the Moon. The gravitational acceleration on Earth is with approx. 9.8 m/s² six times as strong as on the Moon with approx. 1.6 m/s². This is why astronauts are able to jump higher on the Moon than on Earth and objects fall to the ground at a lower speed.

Next to the mass, incidentally, the distance to a body is also decisive for the strength of the gravitational pull. The further you are away, the smaller the force. But it never equals zero. This means that the gravity of the Moon has also an effect on us people here on Earth, and so do other far distanced bodies. But the force is so weak that the effect is not noticeable.

Much greater for us people is the power of the fascination, which moves us when we observe the Moon in the nightly sky. And there is every chance as well that we feel weightless, albeit due to other reasons …

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