The moon in the honeymoon

In German we call the weeks after the wedding »Flitterwochen«, which has really no relevance to the moon. In many languages it is referred to as »honey moon«, which derives from  »honey month« and therefore denotes a specific time with particular sweetness after the wedding. However, not always has the connection to the moon been interpreted positively, because one saw in the waning of the Moon the symbol of the decline of attraction that the happy couple would experience during the course of years after the wedding.

Today, people have become a bit wiser and most know that a marriage changes, just like every relationship does and that it only turns into a bond for life, if both are nurturing the relationship and share a common direction. The fact, that there are phases of increasing closeness and those of distance is natural. Insofar, the image of the moon cycle is a suitable symbol.

We have found the following languages in the dictionary, where the honey moon appears for the bridal couple:

• »honeymoon« (English)
• »lune de miel« (French)
• »luna de miel« (Spanish)
• »lua-de-mel« (Portuguese)
• »luna di miele« (Italian)
• »lună de miere« (Romanian)
• »medeni mjesec« (Croatian)

Other languages combine the honey only with the date ›month‹ or ›week‹, whereby the moon and the month share the same roots etymologically:

• »медо́вый ме́сяц« (Russian), literally: honey month
• »miodowy miesiąc« (Polish), literally: honey month
• »μήνας του μέλιτος« (Greek), literally: month of honey
• »medeni tedni« (Slovenian), literally: honey weeks
• »mézeshetek« (Hungarian), literally: honey weeks

In the German language, this is taking a completely different road and direction. The word »Flitterwochen« has neither anything to do with honey, nor anything in common with the moon. »Flitterwochen« does not however, refer to »Flitter« (sequins, trash, trumpery), but rather the Middle High German word »vlittern« (whispering, giggling, caressing) in addition to »Wochen« (weeks). So, the German word for honey moon »Flitterwochen« is more like the »caressing weeks«, or in modern words: the »cuddle weeks« … here too, sweetness has been particularly considered!

We would like to wish all bridal couples a carefree and especially lovely honey moon time and all others equally bright and touching moments in the years before and after the wedding.

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