James Bond and the full moon


Ian Fleming’s fictitious secret agent 007, of the British Secret Service MI6, has been fighting the villains of this world on screen for over 50 years, accompanied by technical knick-knacks, all sorts of explosions and always beautiful women. There are many night scenes and one should assume that the Moon should be included quite frequently … far from it! We were only able to spot one Bond flic where the full moon can be seen: MOONRAKER from 1979 – and only at the beginning and the end of the movie.

In the title sequence, there is the full moon in front of a blue background, while silhouettes of women are floating in the foreground (a trampoline makes it possible). In addition, Shirley Bassey sings the title song of the same name »Moonraker«.


The Moon can also be seen in the credits of MOONRAKER, when the space shuttle flies across the globe, while 007 (played by Roger Moore) and Dr. Holly Goodhead (played by Lois Chiles), while they dedicate themselves to earthly pleasures in the spaceship. It could not be inferred merely from the plot, whether the Moon or the Sun is depicted (both orbs appear to be of the same size in the firmament, while observed from Earth), however, the recognizable shape of a circle and the movie title all point to the Moon.

Further, you can find an indirect reference to the Moon in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER from 1971. In one scene, an artificial moon landscape had been built inside a scientific research laboratory, where James Bond (here played by Sean Connery), makes a get away in a moon buggy and escapes. Compared to today’s standards, the portrayal of this action scene and also the car design is distinctively cute to look at.

To summarize, you can say that the full moon is probably less suitable in action movies. One really cannot discover romantic personality traits in the figure of James Bond, albeit he appears to be quite charming and accommodating in some parts. Or is this just another loyal service to Her Majesty?

Everyone who knows of another James Bond (full) moon scene (maybe even in one of Fleming’s books), is welcome to comment below.


  1. suri Shiva Kumar | 24 April 2021

    Moore and the moon
    Fascinating fact !

  2. carolann | 2 April 2015

    Who ever realized, that is neat,cool

    • carolann | 2 April 2015

      l love all the Jame’s Bond with Roger Moore and Sean Conney

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