Kiss me!

Fitting into the Christmas period, we are hanging up a virtual mistletoe and calling upon all lovers out there to kiss each other! The custom has a long tradition in many countries. The symbolism of fertility and vitality play as much a part as the search for the possibility of making the kiss in public socially acceptable. The mistletoe helps to overcome the inhibition, which can stand especially between two people before their first kiss. And incidentally, for every kiss one berry of the bush is plucked – until no berries are left.

Even a kiss in the (full) moonlight can work wonders. It belongs to the particularly romantic experience and has always inspired people … maybe it is a the extraordinary mixture of moonlight and feelings that expand in the room between the lips, which make such kisses unforgettable.

We would like to wish all full moon friends a reflective and touching Christmas time, light and love and many beautiful kisses – with or without the mistletoe!


  1. artie | 21st December 2018

    to the love of my life. You knew how I have always felt about the full moon now you are also following it. A Kiss, a hug and all my love to you for as long as we live.

  2. Devorah | 20th December 2018

    Sending this kiss to my beloved Wish.

    • Teresa | 22nd December 2018

      Can’t wait for that special kiss under the mistletoe tonight!

  3. Susan | 20th December 2018

    To my fella Ritchie,
    I am looking forward to our first full moon Christmas kiss and many more for years to come…


  4. RaZmo | 20th February 2016

    Sending a kiss to my loving wife who after 29 years of marriage gave me a sweet loving healthy kidney.
    Thank You
    I Love You through all time Honey.

  5. Nadia | 23rd December 2015

    I love you Ameer, sending many kisses your way under full moon. Know that I will always love you.

  6. Jent | 17th July 2014

    I send a kiss to the love of heart.even if it’s take a milion year i wili stili love you the some way i did the first time i saw you!

  7. Bonnie | 2nd January 2013

    Kisses for Clyde, my VSBFL. Love you

  8. Susan | 2nd January 2013

    A kiss and all my love to Johnny – you are my soul.

  9. Patty | 28th December 2012


  10. kw | 28th December 2012

    Hey U Im sending u a kiss for the new year. I wish u the best my love. Ur like an angel to me. I love u JB.

    • SPC | 20th December 2018

      That is very thoughtful of you…

  11. collette | 28th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my soulmate, just waiting for him to find me, then we can kiss under lots of full moons xxx

    • Marissa | 23rd December 2015

      I love what you said, I hope you’ve found your soulmate. Merry Christmas!

  12. Debbie | 28th December 2012


  13. O | 28th December 2012


  14. alstroemeria7 | 28th December 2012

    I send a kiss, nay — a thousand kisses — to my true love. He is all I ever wanted or needed.

  15. Babyna | 27th December 2012

    I am sending lots of kisses to the whole world and bless all of you a very special new year 2013 with lots of unconditional love.

  16. Mike | 27th December 2012

    My kisses to my love Rua

  17. Jo | 27th December 2012

    Sending a kiss to my Future Husband and Love of my Life ;)

  18. your love | 27th December 2012

    i can only dream of the day our lips meet … i send this kiss to you, the one that holds my heart, my mind, my soul… forever

    • Mike | 27th December 2012

      I do the same.

    • MP | 27th December 2012

      My heart, my soul, my mind and my heat……. forever.

  19. Anon | 27th December 2012

    I give a thousand kisses to the beast that saved a monster like myself. Many thanks for keeping me from rending myself into a million little pieces with the jagged edge of my wrath. I love you, Centous.

  20. JC | 27th December 2012

    I send a kiss to Corsica, with the hope that someday the distance and problems that seperate us will fade away, so we can be together

  21. Ms. Smart | 27th December 2012

    Haiku No. 69:
    FB love affair.
    Is he “poking” someone else?
    Kiss me now, you fool.

    Ms. Smart

    • Mr Smart | 27th December 2012

      Its up to you to feel the kiss. Its not you then who else!

  22. Catheryne | 27th December 2012

    I send a kiss to that someone who is waiting for me to love them.

  23. Strawberry Kiss | 27th December 2012

    Blowing a kiss to whoever I was meant to be with (or the one who comes the closest!)…..mmmmmmwah!

  24. Karin | 27th December 2012

    I send a kiss to the man of my dreams. Have done alot of Letting Go, so I’m ready. Looking forward to meeting you in the New Year x

  25. Bianca | 27th December 2012

    I want to kiss every each of you in the entire world and with the magic of the kiss make appear a flower because a friend is like a flower in the book of our own life. Thank you :)

  26. JC | 27th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my future beloved, who will treat me the way I was meant to be treated. With love and devotion, passion and respect. I can’t wait until we meet.

  27. Zoe | 26th December 2012

    If I could offer one final kiss to Martin and then I will forgive you Martin for what you and … did to me, for which I truly did not deserve. My kiss expects nothing, only a truce between us and nobody else. Only then can I forget the pain you caused me and move on and with sorrow let you move on with this dictator you have chosen to be with.

  28. Anonymous | 26th December 2012

    To my darling je ne sais quoi – un beso

  29. Nancy | 26th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my soulmate Richard…i love you forever! May 2013 bring us great times together :*

  30. Carrot | 26th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my true love <3

  31. Kara | 26th December 2012

    I kiss David passionatley with tender love.

    I cant believe I have finally met the one xx

  32. Iwona | 26th December 2012

    I’m sending my kiss to Alex , my truly friend, carring person,
    Love always!

  33. nikki weber | 26th December 2012

    I close my eyes and send a kiss, to an old love of mine with a special wish for another kiss from a new love ,I have yet to find.

  34. Judy | 26th December 2012

    I send a kiss under the full moon to a person far away and close to my heart.

  35. NKA | 26th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my husband of 40 years—CARON NEAL.

  36. Alycia | 26th December 2012

    I howl for my soulmate, pursing my Wolfie lips for to receive a kiss from the one I miss… <3

  37. Jennifer | 26th December 2012

    To my true full moon friends friends for life Manisha & Rebecca!!

  38. Anonymous | 26th December 2012

    This kiss is for my true full moon friends for life Manisha and Rebecca!!!

  39. Nancy | 26th December 2012

    Sending kisses to all of the people I LOVE!!!! :)

  40. D2S | 26th December 2012

    Sending my true love kiss to my true love. SS and I already know who we are to each other…and are thankful to God for bringing us ‘happy together’. All Good, all blessed! Here’s to 2013 bringing us a lifetime together of true love kisses with only each other daily. XX ; ) <3 ~j~'s

    • S | 2nd January 2013

      How many tru luvs can u have?

  41. Peter | 26th December 2012

    Cry no more sweet ladies.Im here, at long last.

  42. Pamela | 26th December 2012

    Would that I could still kiss my dearest Robert who has left this realm. Will I ever be kissed like that in this life again? I can dream . . .

  43. Marcia | 26th December 2012

    I kiss my partner who is coming to me through
    Time to be a part of this life.

  44. EllieMP | 26th December 2012

    I send my kiss for this season of love and giving to my special guy..
    I love you and wish this coming year to be “The Best Year of our Lives!”

  45. Madrana | 26th December 2012

    A virtual kiss to the beginning of a love that will last……

  46. Maria-Louise | 26th December 2012

    I kiss the man of my dreams Timotée, and love him with all of my heart.
    But pray the new moon and new year will see him love and respect us both and not behave like the man of my nightmares anymore.

  47. dulce | 26th December 2012

    Le mando un beso a ADRIAN que Lo amo tanto.

  48. la | 26th December 2012

    kiss of love (and duration) under the full moon to my sweetheart ~ bob.

  49. Christine | 26th December 2012

    kiss for the man of my future, I have loved once and yearn to fall again…

  50. Jennifer (Word Witch) Johnson | 26th December 2012

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and such nice emails, too. I will dole out the kisses in celebration of the full moon-haha

  51. Nancy b | 26th December 2012

    Kiss kiss as much as you can

  52. Janet | 26th December 2012

    A kiss for my sweetie 19 yrs and going strong.

  53. Rick M. | 26th December 2012

    I send a virtual kiss to my sweet Ruby S. even though it will need to be a virtual one. Although its been years since we last kissed, I forgot to remember to forget you.

  54. Jainey Seabright | 26th December 2012

    I first kissed my Denis in the moonlight on a beach under a castle, in 1984. I last kissed him 2 minutes ago.
    That first kiss remains with us still!

  55. Mira | 26th December 2012

    I am sending my kiss to my loved one who is in Heaven!!!

    • jeff | 26th December 2012

      I am doing the same!

  56. Kelli | 26th December 2012

    I will meet you in the light of this next full moon of ours so we can kiss. xxx

  57. Michelle Pauls | 26th December 2012

    A kiss with my beloved Harry has always been and will always be breath taking.

  58. Leigh frayn | 26th December 2012

    A kiss from the heart!

  59. Mark | 26th December 2012

    By the light of the full moon I kiss my princess Cindy who, has waited many lifetimes for this moment.

    • Cindy | 27th December 2012

      By the light of the moon I return your kiss, my prince, with all the love and devotion you fill me with. Let our souls mingle in our kiss and last an eternity.

  60. Joni | 26th December 2012

    Sending this special kiss to my soulmate… I know in my heart and soul he is out there wanting to find me as well ❤

  61. Susie | 26th December 2012

    I send a kiss to my true luv under our full moon on our beach.

  62. Anonymous | 26th December 2012

    To my lovely wife Claire, Muwa! X

  63. Susanne Flannelly | 26th December 2012

    I kiss you under the full-moon or any moon or sun. because I have loved you for 42 years.

  64. John | 26th December 2012

    To my Marsha…a kiss with you is always under a full moon

  65. MICKEY | 26th December 2012


    • bernd | 26th December 2012

      Go ahead, don’t wait too long. Tell him/her.

    • nikki weber | 27th December 2012

      me too

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