The Last Supper at the full moon

Shortly before Easter, we are taking a look at Christianity and notice that a very important event must have taken place at the full moon: the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples. From a historical point of view, the Last Supper derives from the Jewish Passover feast (Seder), which traditionally takes place on the eve of Passover. This meal is being celebrated on the 14th Nisan, which is always the first full moon after the spring equinox – the beginning of spring. This is how later, the calculation of the Easter date had been determined: »Easter takes place on the Sunday after the first full moon in spring.«

The Bible says in the Gospel of Mark, with regard to the preparations of the Last Supper: »Where do you want us to go to prepare the Passover meal for you?« (Mk 14:12). So, the Last Supper was a passover meal and took place at the full moon.

Further, the story goes that on this evening the kiss of Judas took place, which betrayed Jesus, left him at the mercy of his enemies and led to his arrest. This fateful kiss also, took place at the full moon. And indeed, there are artistic representations of the kiss of Judas, where this is exhibited.

These days were marked by severe events and as so often when taking a look at history, the question arises, what actions humans are capable of. Unfortunately, current doings do not inspire confidence, as to any changes that may occur at some point in time. Too much misery, too many wars and too much injustice is happening all around us. On the other hand, an important foundation of every religion is not to give up hope and to find trust in the good. The faith in the light and a higher power holds assurance for many people.

The light of the Moon accompanies us. It is what it is. Maybe we can learn something from it.


  1. Stojan Ninkovic British Columbia | 10 April 2017

    Its a pleasure to read your full moon blog. I always sense people at work get more edgy and harder to deal with during a full moon. Its about a 5 day affair as it waxes and wanes. Right now tensions are very high between the USA and Russia and North Korea and Iran and Syria of course. It would not take much to get one of the nut cases running these countries to escalate things perhaps to the point of no return. Let’s hope peace loving heads will prevail. What the world needs now is love. If every one really believed that God Is Love i suspect there would be a dramatic shift towards peaceful co-existence.

  2. Judy Staley | 21 March 2016

    Very interesting articles learn something new.

  3. MilkandHoney | 2 July 2014

    There is also no evidence that God counts a day from evening to evening. Based on an impartial reading of the days of creation, I believe God is telling us that He did His work in the daytime, evening commensed, and the morning was the new day. That means morning to morning are the days.

  4. MilkandHoney | 2 July 2014

    The New Testament writers tell us that Jesus was crucified before the foundation of the world. I take that to mean it was planned to take place on a certain day and year. God interjected that date into history at the first Passover. An all knowing and all powerful God caused a solar ecipse on the day Jesus was crucified, at the precise time in the evening. Nature doesn’t allow for a solar eclipse on a full moon. It happens in nature at what we now call the new moon. Every time you see the word “month” in Scripture in English, it’s pointing to the new moon in Hebrew. IOW, month = new moon. I believe the new moon was the full moon. I believe it was a full moon on the 4th day of creation.

    • | 22 March 2016


      • adam | 30 March 2018

        You can also check out Ecclesiasticus(sirach) 43:7

    • Rachael H. | 8 January 2021

      I am looking very deeply into this, when the new moon actually was and would be very interested to hear what you have to say. Some say the dark new moon, others the first visible crescent and still others, the full moon. I see your comment is now about 6 years old so not sure if this will reach you, but would love to discuss.

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