Good luck on Friday 13th

Today is Friday 13th and we wanted to take a look at, whether it is considered lucky and what this has to do with the full moon. Interestingly enough, the interpretation of the number 13 has developed in various directions in different countries and cultures and you can find as many examples for bad luck, as much as the ones that promise good luck, albeit diverse interpretations exist.

In Christianity, 13 is viewed to be a rather unlucky number. For example, the Middle Ages saw Jesus as the thirteenth person of his twelve disciples and the allegory of perfection and divinity. Then again, Judas was made the thirteenth person at the last supper and betrayal and bad luck were attributed. Principally, reflecting number 13 as »12 + 1« seams to be relevant, because 12 is interpreted as entirety. Therefore, the following number 13 can be looked at to be even above entirety (God) and can be seen as the beginning of a new cycle or the destruction of this entirety (devil or death).

In other cultures, 13 was a lucky number. For example, the Aztecs, whose calendar was aligned with the moon phases and consisted of 13-day weeks. Here too, a strong connection to the Gods was prevalent.

Judaism likewise, has a calendar that orientates to the moon and where a lucky and neighbourly connection to full moon becomes evident. The beginning of the month is directly after new moon, hence, full moon is on the 14th of each month, being the middle of the month and one day after the 13th. When full moon falls on a Saturday (the day of rest, Sabbath), this is considered to be lucky. In this case, this lucky day is preceded by Friday 13th.

It is as so often: you can look at something as you want to see it and you will find an argument for it. Probably, it would be wise not to measure ones luck according to external events, but rather find it within. Incidentally, this also includes not to find ones luck on the moon, or in its respective display in the sky. Whether full moon or new moon – luck is something we encounter under different laws.


  1. Rose1607 | 13 June 2014

    I don’t agree with this. Jesus was not the 13th discipline. He is the Lord’s son. NOT a discipline!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous | 14 September 2013

    Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me. Dang, should’ve bought a lottery ticket today…:O

  3. darren lee horler esq | 13 September 2013

    Friday the 13 in urban myth became an unlucky/evil day/night. The unlucky day were things can and will and do go wrong. Hence leaving us wary on this day. Which isnt a bad thing. Further to this the release of the Friday the 13 films solidified the urban myth that this can be an unlucky/evil day/night time.Numbers do have power and meaning. 666 the beast! 777 me close to perfection. (which i deffinately am not) 888 the number of christ! Single 8 symbol for forever. 69 symbol for give and take/Cancer sign. In summery 13 as a number is unlucky for some! Especially in the judas way! He betrayed the christ, then killed himself. Friday 13 be wary. Dont betray anyone then no harm will come to you. If you do this is the day it could hit you!

  4. Melinda | 13 September 2013

    I turned 13 in a Friday the 13th!!!
    And I love it…

  5. bonnie | 13 September 2013

    Lunar calendar has 13 moons

  6. j w ray | 22 June 2013


  7. typhaniie | 13 May 2011

    luck on friday the 13s for me … TERRIBLE days when there is a full moon =[

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