The last curtain for the word »lunatic«

In the past, we have already reported about the antiquated word »lunatic«, which derives from the Latin »lunatus« and originally means »influenced by the Moon«. This term »lunatic« has been used in the English language, over several centuries for many forms of mental illnesses.

This is now coming to an end in America. The US Congress recently agreed that the word »lunatic« will be replaced in all federal legislation and its use will be banned. The respective bill is currently with President Barack Obama for his signature.

Surely, there are more important subjects during these economically difficult times, than putting an outdated word to rest. To that, there were also various critical voices. Nevertheless, everyone is of the opinion that no word can be officially condoned, which has a direct or indirect discriminating effect on people with mental health problems. It seems to have been understood particularly, that it is not the Moon’s fault!

Consequently, we congratulate this good deed. The fact that wondrous things continue to happen at the full moon, remains to all of us …


  1. Rich of Audubon, NJ | 26 January 2013

    The Federal Government has mandated that the former word “LUNATIC” will be superceded by the expression “NUTS”. This format will be effective immediately on all federal papers. The populace has seven years to conform.

  2. Lauren Fawcett | 11 January 2013

    So what now will happen to the rock/pop song that is entitled “Lunatic” ?

    • Jörg & Pat | 12 January 2013

      The use will only be stopped in legislation and texts of laws.

  3. Anonymous | 8 January 2013

    what word did they substitute for lunatic?

    • Jörg & Pat | 8 January 2013

      That’s a good question! We could not find any information about a substitute word. Probably all relevant passages have to be formulated in a more precise way using the scientific state of the art vocabulary.

  4. kristi | 8 January 2013

    I don’t expect governments to really handle anything important…I must do the best I can to make this planet better and to enjoy the moon’s powerful energy!

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