Magha Puja – the full moon festival in Southeast Asia


Māgha Pūjā is an important Buddhist holiday that is celebrated in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, on the day of the full moon, in the third month of the Thai moon calendar, in February/March. The word Māgha refers to month and Pūjā is the honoring. Legend has it that on this day 1,250 monks congregated to meet with Buddha.

In memory of this event, large groups of monks and many believers assemble each year to meditate together and to celebrate. The largest ceremony takes place in Bangkok, Thailand’s capitol, in the Dhammakaya temple complex. This is where thousands of monks and hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world gather. Gifts and offerings are presented, sermons are spoken, and candle processions are hosted. All participants carry three items, a lit candle, three burning incense sticks, and flowers and thus, remind of Buddha, his tenet, and the community of monks.


Magha Puja took place and takes place on the following days:

25th February 2013
14th February 2014
4th March 2015
22nd February 2016
11th February 2017
1st March 2018
19th February 2019
8th February 2020



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