The Moon in astrology

Astrology, the teaching of the interpretation and meaning of star constellations for human life, shows once again the sun’s dominance in our society and the insignificant role the Moon plays. Everyone knows »his/her« sign of the zodiac, meaning the position of the Sun at the time of their birth. If you say, for example, »I am an Aquarius«, you refer to the fact that the Sun was positioned in the astrological sign Aquarius when you were born. Also, some people are still aware of the ascendant, being the sign, which was on the eastern horizon at the time of birth (lat. ascendere = to rise). But which sign the Moon is in their birth horoscope, only very few people know.

There are many different schools and approaches to astrology. Mostly, the feminine principle is attributed to the Moon (although, there are many examples for the masculine symbolism) and hence the area of feelings, emotions and psychic experiences. Through the Moon’s changes within the lunar phases, it can be regarded as a symbol of transition, of becoming and withering. Following the feminine association, the Moon stands for the receiving principle (Yin), while the Sun embodies the creating, masculine principle (Yang).

On the famous astronomical clock of the Prague City Hall of 1410, you see a fascinating depiction of Sun and Moon: next to the golden sun hand, there is also a moon hand, whose black silver orb shows the position of the Moon in the ecliptic and the corresponding zodiac. On the opposite photograph, both the Sun and the Moon are in the sign of Leo.

For interpreting the Moon in the horoscope, the corresponding zodiac then plays – just like the Sun – a crucial role. Who would like to find out in what sign their Moon was at their time of birth, can use this free online calculator on the following site:


  1. Bronz Bodnar | 28 October 2023

    Leo Gemini Pisces. Loved the article. Thank you.

  2. Lucille Bolze | 28 January 2013

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to LEARN by offering this astrological picture at our birth. Blessings, I”m forever happy and grateful for your gift.

  3. Anonymous | 21 January 2013

    Moon Astrology

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