Slim and lean with the moon diet?

It belongs to one of the more strenuous ideals of our times, wanting to be slim and beautiful and fit. A multi-million industry is connected to this image and people like us, can decide as to how much we want to participate in this game. Most of us have already more of it on their minds as they may actually like to. And since the ideal of the slim and slender body doesn’t happen naturally, people have invented the diet. However, this word derives from the Greek díaita and relates to the correct organization and way of life in general. So losing weight is not actually the focus after all, but rather a life in balance.

It is not our intention to say anything against diets – there are many important and good ideas, which help many people. But if looking at the sheer flood of diets it does make you wonder. Hence, it is to no surprise that something has been invented around the lunar cycle: the moon diet. Briefly summarized, the diet implies that the body would react to the lunar cycle (new moon – waxing moon – full moon – waning moon) and that eating habits should be adjusted accordingly … When taking a closer look, the advice is actually universally valid. For example, it is recommended in order not to get too rotund around the full moon, to renounce fatty foods and sweets. And for weight loss at the waning moon, one should stick to a diet low in fat, like fish and vegetables  – these are not exactly revolutionary insights, are they? 😉

It is probably like with to so many things: it works when you believe in it. And since the moon epitomizes so beautifully vivid the gain and loss, this may just be the incentive for some to perceive their own weight more consciously. Indeed, one should leave the potato chips in the cupboard and better taste the  low calorie moonlight, which melts so wonderfully in one’s mouth …


  1. SHARON | 30 March 2013

    Please remind me to drink 8 glasses of water daily more veggies and fruit and go to the gym at least five times a week

  2. Anonymous | 28 March 2013


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