A hotel on the Moon?

A hotel on the Moon – that sounds quite utopian if not absurd.  Fact is, there are people thinking about colonising and inhabiting space or other celestial bodies, since man has been busy flying into space. And if we believe the statements of different companies that are planning hotels beyond the Earth, there has to be a great demand. This would actually be also necessary to make this project lucrative. Or is it merely the prestige and publicity, which are reaped by such an undertaking and hence would justify it?

Looking at the history of these ideas, the first suggestions of a permanent space station that were meant seriously, which could be used for visitors, surfaced at the beginning of the 50’s. An impressive draft was created by the German-American engineer Wernher von Braun (1912–1977) in 1952. One has to realize that at that point not even a probe had been sent into space, never mind whether manned space travel would ever turn into reality.

A leading role in this race for the first moon hotel, takes the »Lunar Hilton Hotel«. In 1958, this idea of a moon hotel was brought into fruition in context with a media coverage about an event and has been appearing in the media in regular intervals, since then. It is not quite clear, however, whether the plans will actually be realized or whether this is a clever marketing stunt. Here the design of the British architect Peter Inston.

There is talk that the Lunar Hilton will open its gates in 2050 and you, as a space tourist, could book, for example, one week stay for 30,000 USD. This makes one think. Would you do it?

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Nowadays, the plans around the moon colonisation, appear to be a little outdated, one actually wants to go further. What did the former Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin say, who was the second human who set foot on the Moon after Neil Armstrong in 1969:

»Forget the Moon! Let’s head to Mars!«


  1. Gurshie | 23 September 2018

    Well I never! Yes please, and then I’d have all the bits and bobs around me, to propel myself around, see all rocks and dust, great, nooooo museaums no cathedrals, blissfully unaware and looking at our earth! Just wonderful, and who is going to lug up all the paraphernalia to build it? Unfortunately I’ll be 110 years old in 30 years time. O dear!

  2. Mahr | 13 April 2018

    Have some building built on moon or not yet ??????
    Reply fast

  3. Anonymous | 18 August 2017

    I’m going to be 60 then but they said the hotel would be open for 1 M in 2012 HA I doubt it’s going to come in 2050 maybe in the 60’s or 70’s. In which case I wouldn’t do it.

  4. femi | 30 December 2013

    vry vry g8t

  5. Repair | 20 August 2013

    I will love to go to the moon to live i the hotel.

  6. MoonChild | 27 August 2012

    30k is actually quite cheap for such a life changing experience I always assumed if this were ever possible it would be for millionaires if not billionaires only.

  7. Carol J | 1 August 2012

    I travel to become acquainted with the local people, as well as to see the ‘sights’. The folks at the Lunar Hilton are the same ones I might meet on a street in a terrestrial city. I think I’ll forego the moon trip in favor of a sidewalk cafe in Keene, NH, USA.

  8. Sinatra Perryman | 31 July 2012

    If someone else is paying for the stay of course. However, 30 grand … I would give to the really poor.

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