The origin of the Moon

The Moon has not always been there. And although, no one has been present to observe its creation, scientists today, largely share the view that our Moon originates from a collision between Earth and another planet 4.5 billion years ago.

Our Earth – that looked completely different to how we know it to be today – had been circling with the planet Theia, which was about the size of our Mars, around the Sun. Some day, these two orbs clashed, produced an inconceivably powerful collision that totally destroyed Theia and catapulted an enormous amount of rocks into the orbit of Earth.

Over the course of time, the Moon developed from this debris, was initially blazing hot and then slowly cooled down over millions of years. Due to the deposit of heavy minerals, a light crust started to form. Because of long phases of meteoritic impacts, the surface of the Moon has been repeatedly destroyed and darker magma rose from the inside. This is how the lunar mares were created that we can observe as dark spots today.

One element is of particular importance to science during research: water. Not only does the existence of water on the Moon provide information about its and Earth’s origin, it could also open the possibility of populating the Moon or at least visiting it for a longer period of time. Further, it could offer information on possible existence of extraterrestrial life. Analysis of moon rocks, crystals and dust, lead us at least to the result that the evidence of major water resources could be feasible. In this case, the giant impact hypothesis needs to be newly interpreted, as due to the extreme heat the water should have been actually evaporated

All in all, it remains mysterious around our Moon, which is so close to us and yet appears to be unreachable.

The idea and some wording in this blog originates from our daughter Elena Manja (9), who extensively occupies herself with astronomy and space. Thank you very much for this wonderful inspiration, Elena 🙂


  1. Tc | 3 May 2013

    And it is hollow so come up with a better story science always bs on everything,everything

  2. Tc | 3 May 2013

    The moon was dragged by a comet back in 500 something I read it

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