Moon wood


»Moon Wood« (aka »lunar cycle wood«) is the name for the wood of trees, which are felled during a specific time of the lunar cycle, and are therefore attributed with better traits, with regard to quality, stability, durability, and resistance against pest etc. Just like with many other moon related traditions, there is currently very little proof of the actual influence of the Moon. Still, many people have faith in this special effect and are prepared to pay up to 30% more for moon wood. The use is popular from buildings through to musical instruments.

As time of felling for moon wood, winter time is mostly mentioned (from October to March). Often, especially around the time before Christmas, when the Moon is waning, just shortly before the new moon. This practice is mostly widespread in Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. Spruce wood is mostly used. There is a particular focus being made to the »moisture loss«, »shrinkage« and »relative density« (density kiln-dried to fresh density) of the wood. Quite a few things appear to revolve around the topic of water.

A prominent advocate of the moon wood’s quality is Prof. Dr. Ernst Zürcher from the Swiss University of Applied Forest Sciences, who found significant results in his research. Other scientists, for example, Prof. Dr. Claus-Thomas Buse, could not confirm these results in their research.


A very famous example for a building erected with moon wood, is the market church »Heiligen Geist« in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. It is the largest wooden church in Germany and an impressive example of architecture with a special charisma. For restoration works in 2001–2013, 50 moon pine trees were felled and hence, the tradition continued.

The effect of the Moon remains a mystery, something that we will never be able to completely comprehend. It is fascinating, how this old knowledge around the Moon and the faith in it’s effect, finds its place and expression in the new era.

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