»Moondance« by Van Morrison


It is time again to write about a song on the theme of the Moon: »Moondance« by Van Morrison. Released in February of 1970, on the album with the same title, by the musician from Northern Ireland, belongs to the classics amongst the moon songs. It hovers stylistically between rhythm & blues and country rock, but also jazz influences can be recognized. »Moondance« was placed in the English and American Charts. It was never a smash hit, but still today belongs to the concert repertoire of ›Van the Man‹ and can be heard time and again on the radio.  

Van Morrison took the inspiration for »Moondance« from his childhood and the impressions and experiences in the rural surrounding where he grew up. It is a homage to the innocent, carefree time in the countryside.

The lyrics start with the famous line: »Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance …« The rhyme of ›moondance‹ and ›romance‹ sets the tone of the song: it is about love, romance and the magic of the moonlight. Accompanying the lyrics, is the lively and vivacious music.

The song »Moondance« was also used as background music in a scene of the cult movie »American Werewolf In London« (1981) by John Landis, in which other moon songs had been used as well, for example »Bad Moon Rising« by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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