Nena and the full moon

Nena and her band belong to the most successful artists in German music history. With »99 Luftballons« from 1983, she made a name for herself internationally and also reached 2nd place in the US charts with the English version »99 red balloons« [*]. This has only been accomplished by very few German musicians.

In the song »Vollmond« [full moon], also from 1983, Nena sings about the silver Moon and describes the romantic longing and restlessness, which can capture us during a full moon:

»Dann muss ich los, ich kann nicht schlafen.
Wir treffen uns in leeren Straßen.
Und die Nacht ist jung wie wir.
Heute ist Vollmond und die Nacht ruft nach mir.
Komm mit mir tanzen, und ich küss dich dafür.
Heute ist Vollmond«

[I must be going, I cannot sleep.
We meet in empty streets.
And the night is young like us.
Today is the full moon and the night is calling for me.
Come and dance with me and I will kiss you.
Today is the full moon]

This song is not one of Nena’s strongest ones and also remained rather unknown. We would still like to give it an honoured place here. Who sings about the full moon, belongs to our circle of friends :-).

[*] Our research showed that the only song with German lyrics, which managed to reach the top in the American charts, was »Rock me Amadeus« by Falco in 1986.

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