The shooting star night of the Perseids

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a shooting star in the night sky? It is said that a wish is granted, which is believed to come true if kept secret and not shared with anyone. And who doesn’t want our wishes to become a reality?

To put it in physical terms, a shooting star is a »meteor«, a luminous effect, which develops with the occurrence of a »meteoroid« (a more or less large lump of rock from space), which burns up in the earth’s atmosphere. Not to be mistaken, however, with a »meteorite«. A meteoroid is only called like that, if it hits the earth’s surface (and could actually cause immense damage). So, no need to be concerned: shooting stars are harmless and very beautiful to watch.

During the course of the year, there are so-called meteor streams, with an increase of shooting stars. One of these streams is the »Perseids«, which reach their yearly height in the first half of August. The origin probably derives from the constellation Perseus, hence the name.

As we currently do not have a full moon, but a waxing Moon in its first quarter, this phenomenon can be observed much better, because it is not outshined by moonlight.

Therefore: in the night of 12th August 2013 this means to look into the sky. The maximum shower should take place around 11 pm CEST – but there will be enough shooting stars for everyone throughout the entire night. And enough wishes …


  1. Gbadebo | 12th August 2013

    Thanks! I will definitely look out for more shooting stars and make a genuine wish.

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