The sexual position “full moon”

It is getting quite hot now, as there is indeed a sexual pose, called “full moon”, at least in the German language. This name has not been given in every country. In English it is referred to “reverse cowgirl”. This makes one curious …
In this position, one partner lies on the back (usually the man) and the other partner (usually the woman) sits on top in squat position, but in reverse and turning the back and buttocks towards the person lying underneath.

Why has this pose been given the name “full moon” in German? Well, it is quite conceivable that the view onto a magnificent looking behind could remind one of the full moon and hence the name. There were probably some poets in Germany – also known as the land of poets and thinkers – who did not only have writing on their minds. However, this position is also quite often referred to “reversed riding position” (utterly unpoetic, if we might add), which also explains the English name, whereby the added “Cowgirl” elicits enchanting associations, indeed.

We were interested to know, whether these sexual pose could be found in old documents or illustrations, as they have certainly been practised all along and as humans are known to be resourceful in this respect. There are some artistic impressions, here for example, a drawing by the Hungarian painter Mihály Zichy from 1911.

Neither on antique vases, nor in reliefs, nor on sculptures, have we been able to find this pose and it possibly requires a more in depth research. The Kama Sutra, the probably oldest text on erotic love, describes many positions and details about the love act (and this book is known to be so much more than just that!), but the position named above is not mentioned. Even though, in some cases on the Internet, the description of a “Tigress” pose can be found, entitled as Kama Sutra and looking quite similar. However, the authors appear to be aiming more at the promotional effect of the general term “Kama Sutra”, rather than the historic reference. As far as our research and review of the original text of the Kama Sutra is concerned, in particular part II, chapter 6, the reversed riding position is nowhere to be found.

It looks like lots is to remain secret, especially the question who exactly put the full moon into play in all of this. By all means, it is an inspiring choice of words in this context.

Everyone, who might be more interested in the practical aspect of this topic, will surely find the opportuniy – at best in the full moon light, which has already seduced some amorous couples …


  1. Serendipity | 17 January 2014

    The historical research seems a bit lacking, as I *think* the Chinese, in an old book called “Sex manual of the dark girl”, does have a position called “Rabbit sucking its hairs”, whose description looks quite similar to this one … which is definitely quite pleasurable for the woman on top & probably suitable for any flavor of moon.

  2. Bronson | 15 January 2014

    Why do you do that?

  3. Santosh kumar (India) | 18 October 2013


  4. Stephane Benken | 16 April 2011

    This is the great blog, thank you for share! I like yours!

  5. C+B | 20 February 2011

    How very serendipitous! My new boyfriend’s penis curves downward, and last night, on the full moon, we were discussing this position as one that would provide optimal G-spot stimulation.

  6. wt | 18 February 2011

    What a great painting. I’m sure someone has the original

  7. LP | 18 February 2011

    Fascinating and love the drawing …..

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