The smurfs and the »blue moon«

The end of August 2012 will bring another »blue moon«. This is what you call the second full moon within a month. It happens from time to time, because the lunar cycle is shorter, with its averaging 29.5 days, than the normal calendar month. Just like in August of this year, with a full moon on 02.08. and one on 31.08.2012. We have already described here why this double full moon is called »blue moon«.

Today we are taking a look at the smurfs, those strange fantasy figures, who have quite a special relationship to the full moon, because smurfs are only born on a »blue moon«. To be precise: they are delivered by the stork – a detail which nowadays seems like a reminiscence of the days when people did not want to speak about the facts of life. Maybe it was created out of the need to present an explanation for the smurf community consisting of almost exclusively male species  and only one single female smurfette.  So the stork came as a heaven-sent opportunity …

In the motion picture »The Smurfs« from 2011, the »blue moon« and the related »blue moon festival«, play a central role. Further, the »blue moon« is the only possibility for the smurfs, who got lost in New York, to return to their own world.

The smurfs were created by »Peyo« in 1958, Pierre Culliford (1928–1992) a Belgian cartoonist, who had the idea of a lifetime. Very soon, his figures became the public’s darling. Since then, countless stories have appeared, legions of toy items decorate the shelves of children’s rooms and several movies give an insight into the lives of the cute figures. Even though the design seems quite simple, considering high tech cartoons of the modern era, a pleasant feeling of nostalgia remains. And all problems are always solvable of course. Wasn’t life maybe a bit easier in the early days?


  1. william | 12 February 2015

    william love smurf

  2. Peter | 3 May 2014

    smurfs mn

  3. Anonymous | 19 January 2013

    I <3 smufrs

  4. Reza Mir Pang | 27 August 2012

    ˜”*°•.˜”*°•ಌ ʚϊɞ BEAUTIFUL ʚϊɞ ಌ•°*”˜.•°*˜”

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