Sonoma Valley – “Valley of the Moon”


The Sonoma Valley is a valley in California, close to San Francisco Bay and is also referred to as “Valley of the Moon”. The original Native American Indians who inhabited this valley, called it “sonoma”, which means “Valley of the Moon” in their language. The Miwok and Pomps were Native American tribes that spread in the northern part of California and also settled in this valley. In a legend of the Miwok tribe, it says that the Moon rose from the Sonoma Valley and is there in complete harmony with nature.


In the 19th century, the valley had been chosen by Spanish monks of the Franciscan Order to build a mission. Nowadays, it is the birthplace of the Californian wine industry with many famous wineries. There is even a cabernet sauvignon called  “Valley of the Moon”.

From a geological aspect, the earth is extremely fertile because of the volcanic rocks, which are prevalent beneath the surface. Many historic sites in the surrounding and the natural beauty of this place makes Sonoma Valley a region well worth seeing. What could be more perfect for this scenery than the full moon in the night sky?

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