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How long is a full moon?

Up until now we were under the impression, full moon must be infinitely short, because the moon phase is a continuous changing process. Shortly before full moon, we thought the moon not to be quite full and shortly thereafter, the moon to be waning.

But it is a simple physical fact that the sun is bigger than the small moon of the earth and hence, only half of his spherical surface is slightly more irradiated. This means, that we are talking about a finite and measurable duration of time, where we, the terrestrials, are able to see the moon as full moon.

It is not our intention to make this too astronomical, because in general linguistic terms, one extends this duration instinctively either forward or backward. For example: full moon day is the day in the calendar when full moon takes place. This would explain the colloquial statement "today is full moon" (as you can see in our full moon memo).

The categorical definition is slightly more complicated, individually diverse for each month and only a delight for real astronomy fans. Letís just agree there is always one specific time for full moon. Take a look at our full moon calendar ...

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