Sex and the full moon?

In nature it is a known fact: for some animal species, mating takes place at full moon. However, the examples that can be found on this subject are rather simple. Full moon serves in some cases indirectly as the cause (for instance through the high water levels during the tides that the horseshoe crab uses to deposit its eggs) or also as the signal for both sexes of a species to begin at the exact same time to safeguard their future existence (a particular type of fly or also corals). It is understood that also wolves are led by full moon when it is time to mate.

But how about the statement that supposedly, it is hotter, more sensual or more romantic for us humans at the time of full moon? At least this is the image that seems to stick inside people’s heads, next to image of sex at the beach everyone knows about the adventure in the full moon light.

So, there are two levels that create the connection to full moon: the physical and the mental. And even though, many people consider the possibility of hormones being somewhat connected with the lunar cycle, it is the bodily, physical level that is of less importance. More important appears to be the mental aspect. Because it is about the force of your own imagination and fantasies, which is well known to be very powerful. And nothing is more obvious than to combine a sensual encounter with the mystical light of full moon: romantic, tender like a hint of light or sensual and full of relish, caressed by the glistening radiance in black velvet …

Strangely enough, one actually doesn’t do it, sex at full moon. Or have you actually experienced it? Maybe it is not erotic to plan this event by the calendar (even though many are planning it anyway – more or less successfully). Or is it the cliché that some special experience needs to occur at full moon (and who wants to live by clichés?). Or, one simply does not think of it. Or you are glad when it is happening at all (whether full moon or not).

Conclusion: whether full moon influences our love live depends more on us than on the moon. At least it does not appear as though people are forced and can’t help it (and there are genuinely some who can’t). Nevertheless, it can happen that sensual thoughts come to our minds at full moon. And what is going to be reality, could be full of wonder …

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