The full moon experiences

Experiences of a nurse

I believe strongly that the same forces that influence tides and lunar pulls in our atmosphere, directly effect human behavior and rarely in a positive way in my personal experiences and particularly in my profession of healthcare.  The strange thing is that I feel at my best, sharper and with more energy and can feel

Crisis centre

I had worked with adults that were mentally challenged and had observed many changes and behavior extremes a few days before and after a full moon. The crisis center employees agreed that they were most busy when a full moon was observed. That has never seemed to amaze me 🙂

Full moon and its effect on people

The full moon does affects people in different ways. I worked in Mental Health Services for quite a few years, and all ward staff working on a full moon knew without doubt, there would be some kind of problem or another. Some staff even worked their days off around full moons. We tracked it for

Crazy ongoings

I have experienced different mood changes when some are full. There are full moons for example, when I worked at an answering services. I answered 90 phones. Dr’s, hearting, Taxi cabs, shrinks, apt. building for broken things, lost keys, and a key smith and such.  When a certain moon would come around, every drunk needed

A whole lot of “crazy”…

When I worked as a waitress, I could always tell when it was a full moon … by the way, my customers acted, even by the road rage on the way to work.  Then I read an article about how the human body is made up of like 60-75% water. Well, when you think about

Creepy night

My full moon experience … was when I walked on the dark street and I felt something was behind me. And when I watched the moon, the moon was so huge and so round and it creeped me out … why?? Cuz I remembered the horror movies and what my grandma said, that we should

Conspiracy to Commit Murder

A strange thing happened tonight and I was completely unaware there was a full moon and lunar eclipse in process … perhaps coincidence … perhaps more than we realize. As a retired law clerk who worked for a very powerful Judge, and who knows how to “fix things” legally, some quite nasty, I get calls

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