A full moon experience by Gardenia

Where is my headache from?

I’ve been having a splitting headache for three days. I swear I thought it was because my mother-in-law was visiting and I was stressed out, not being able to watch my TV programs, having her here during the freaking Super Bowl, etc. I’m so relieved to find out it’s the full moon. I can take

A full moon experience by Kim


Every full moon I have really bad anxiety. I can feel it coming … usually once it is full I start calming down … weird, not sure why … that’s why I’m here now :))) trying to find answers … thanks!

A full moon experience by Love

Cherish every moment

When you look at the moon, how can you not think of God at the same time, with its miraculous beauty. I am in such amazement all the time. If you look at everything in this world as creations … by God and from God, created for you, you will cherish each and every moment

A full moon experience by Cin

Spirits rise at the full moon

Firstly my Cherokee name is Moondancer, I too am a cancer, I feel the same about the rain as i do at full moon my spirits rise and I’m overwhelmed with content. My significant other and I are practising pagans and when we first met he proclaimed: “you will be mine by the next full

A full moon experience by Pat

Full moon phone calls

My son left home at a young age, but for some reason he always called me when the moon was full. Many years later I mentioned it to him and he didn’t even realize that was the only time he called me.

A full moon experience by Joanne H.

The infamous full moon headache

Ever since I was a little girl, I get a severe headache exactly three days before the full moon! I feel the pressure and pain in the back of my skull, rising upward – and, without even looking at a calendar, I know the full moon will be in three days!  It isn’t eleviated with

A full moon experience by Rustic Rose

Moon stories in powdered white

One Full Moon a bunch of people, both friends and strangers put paint on our faces. We then went to the Charles River and went to this cluster of trees that I found just that morning.  Moon stories were told and we howled very proudly! The Charles River was iced over (this was January) and

A full moon experience by Reyrketill Bjornson

The animal inside of us

The following is a true experience. All times are relative and have been gathered with the help of my cell phone and what my fiance told me. Please read with an open mind. August 13, 20111:00 am to 3:00 am PSTBakersfield, CA 93301 It was about 1:00 am when I felt the now easily recognizable

A full moon experience by Patricia (Patti) A.

Feelings run deep at the full moon

Astrology speaking I am a “Moon-Child”. Birthday June 30th. As a young child, I have always been aware of the effect of the “Full Moon”. As a mature adult, I know for sure the “Full Moon” have a dramatic effect on me in many different ways …  Without seeing or knowing there is a “Full

A full moon experience by Marietjie

Full moon game

I’m very superstitious re the 13th being full moon, at least it’s not on the Friday. Our girls have a full moon game done every full moon – only the ones not dating – you write the names of three guys you like on a piece of paper, then you fold it up without knowing

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