A full moon experience by Raregem1961

Glorious full moon

My new FB friend posted (just today, moments ago) a beautiful photo of the full moon on 11.18.2011. My mom passed away on March 19, 2011 when the Moon was full and closest to the Earth. My sister and nephews scattered her ashes in the San Francisco Bay on November 18, 2011 which was the

A full moon experience by Maruschka

Promising match

I wished on Nov 2011 full moon for a wonderful new love relationship to be realized. I was soon contacted by a man on the Internet and met my new “Honey” in person on Dec 10th, full moon. We celebrated January’s full moon together and have plans to take a trip together during the full

A full moon experience by Kara L.

Smiling at the full moon

My parents sometimes say things about the full moon effecting our lives. I remember my dad asking if it was a full moon, because of some crazy (in a bad way) things that were happening.  I always smiled at the full moon, instead of blaming it for bad things. Full moon days for me were

A full moon experience by Ben Gross

Moon lover

A full moon has always been very significant with my current friendship/relationship with this one girl. We have always looked at it in awe and beauty and we would always make sure to hang out whenever that day of the month was. So I had everything planned for that night. On my way to pick

A full moon experience by Hema

The wonderous effects of the full moon

Moon has always been an integral part of our lives. Whether it is celebrating a festival or starting an auspicious task, or meditating, we consider the movements of moon. Moon has an effect on water and our body contains a considerable amount of water. Hence, it is beneficial to meditate on the day of full

A full moon experience by K. Ashcraft

Born on the full moon

I was always told by my mother that i was a miracle child and was destined to be on this Earth. I tended to agree and felt the same way deep inside, even though I wasn’t sure why. Until earlier this month that is. Let’s see if you would agree with that. I was born

A full moon experience by Matilda

Crazy ongoings

I have experienced different mood changes when some are full. There are full moons for example, when I worked at an answering services. I answered 90 phones. Dr’s, hearting, Taxi cabs, shrinks, apt. building for broken things, lost keys, and a key smith and such.  When a certain moon would come around, every drunk needed

A full moon experience by Rose

Communion with the Moon

There have been periods of time when I refused to look up in the sky, in case I accidentally made a connection with the Moon. Not that connecting with the Moon is a bad thing, but if I’m unaware of it, it can throw me for a loop.  The effects of a full moon can

A full moon experience by Norene

Powerful focus

Since I was a child I have recognized my connection with the moon. I was born on July 13th and feel the waxing and waning of the moon. The moon gives me a powerful focus. 

A full moon experience by T. Boyle

Moon dream

Well, my experience with the moon deals with the dream I once had about three years ago. I was in my mother’s car, driving home from somewhere and I happened to look up at the night sky. As I looked up, I saw the crescent moon with the only bright star underneath it, and it

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