Dependent on or independent of the Moon?


Suitable for today’s 4th July, »Independence Day« in the US, and moreover it being the new moon, we pose the question of the dependency or independency of the Moon. Are we dependent on the Moon or not? And is the Moon dependent on us?

If we believe the surveys, more than 40% of people feel influenced by the Moon, in particular during sleep. In other ways as well and the influence of the Earth’s moon is being discussed in many areas, although there is still no evidence. Science rather confirms the opposite and verifies this by referring to various studies that the human is independent of the Moon; however, this does not correspond with the basic feelings of most.

So what kind of relationship do we have with the Moon? Next to the mentioned influences there is a profound interest in the Moon, which is inherent in people of all cultures and eras. It is fascinating and moving to see the Moon in the sky at night, and this emotional contact does not allow us to remain uninvolved when we encounter the Moon. Even if we don’t call it dependency, we are certainly very connected.

Ironically enough, the Moon is 100% dependent on our Earth, because of its connection with the so called synchronous rotation. If observed from Earth, the Moon does not rotate around its own axis, but only shows us its front side, while the reverse side of the Moon remains hidden (see picture; left: front/near side, right: reverse/far side). Good thing that the Moon shouldn’t have any issues with this dependency, being inanimate matter.


Let’s return to the actual »Independence Day« the two Hollywood blockbusters with the same name, which were released in 1996 and 2016. In both movies you can see the Moon, in part 1 right at the beginning, when the shadow of the giant alien space ship moves across the Moon’s surface (inclusive the famous lunar plaques), in part 2 with the man made moon base for the use of raw materials and as an outpost for security and warning of further attacks from space.


For us humans it is always very important to achieve and maintain independence. This is a part of our understanding of freedom. With regard to the Moon, we are – depending on attitude and perspective – dependent and independent at the same time.


  1. Faith Hilton | 4 July 2020

    Thank you for your blogs. They are very interesting and insightful. You give us much to ponder.

  2. Helen | 1 March 2018

    Hi, my body and mind are certainly effected by he full moon. I know and feel it before I actually know it is full. It certainly affects my mood, if I’m up then the full moon heightens this mood. If I’m down the same affect,very

  3. Christine Holmes | 28 February 2018

    Without a FULL MOON every month we humans would not be able to click into that wonderful energy for 14/15 days each waxing. Without this free energy uplift every month, I’m sure very many artistic people on our planet would miss this very special gift enhancing their work and output.Without this we are nothing as a species.
    I , for one , find the musical vibrations during this time are precious and glorious.
    We owe our moon so much. Let’s celebrate !

  4. Sailor | 28 February 2018

    The Moon has affect on the tides and the fluid in our bodies so we have a direct connection. It has been observed that people who are mental unstable are heavily affect at the time of full moon hence the word lunatic!

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