Michael Jackson’s movie “Moonwalker”


“Moonwalker” is a musical film from 1988 starring Michael Jackson. The movie is a wild and trendy mixture of music videos, live concert recordings, action scenes, science fiction effects and cartoons – so less of a classical movie, but more so an anthology. The plot revolves around how Michael saves three children (i.e. played by Sean Lennon, John Lennon’s son) and the children of the world from the deadly intrigues of the villain Mr. Big (played by Joe Pesci).

The title “Moonwalker” obviously refers to the dance move »Moonwalk« that Michael Jackson firstly introduced in 1983, and that turned into his most famous signature moves. Apart from that, all nightly scenes are immersed in bluish moonlight. The full moon is visible directly twice, firstly at the beginning of the actual narrative (from 37:21 min.) and later again when Katie’s lucky star flies into the sky (01:16:18 Std.). However, the representation of the lunar maria is pure fiction here.


Further, there are various scenes in the film, where a circular light beam or spotlight evokes associations of the full moon.

Also part of the movie is the music video to »Smooth Criminal« (from 53:30 min.) with the legendary coin throw across the room, directly into the Wurlitzer jukebox.

The film is clearly not a cineastic tidbid, although, back then its special effects were certainly state of the art. Indeed, the commercial success failed to materialize, the plot is quite predictable and the compilation of the various elements takes some getting used to. However, it is surely an interesting time document and undoubtedly connected to the Moon.

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