DreamWorks – the boy on the crescent moon

dreamworks_198x198The American film studio DreamWorks SKG was founded by movie director Steven Spielberg, Disney head of animation Jeffrey Katzenberg and music producer David Geffen, in 1994 (the initials of the founders create the »SKG« in the company’s name). The opening credits of its movies, DreamWorks shows a boy, who sits on the waxing crescent moon while fishing and being surrounded by impressive cloud formations.

It was Steven Spielberg, who had the idea for this image. On his request, a draft was designed by the illustrator Robert Hunt and implemented as a hand painted picture and a computer generated picture. His son William Hunt, posed as his model.

hunt_198x273The fishing boy on the crescent moon is a memorable image, which conveys magic and a dreamlike atmosphere – fitting with Spielberg’s vision of the fantastic movies.

DreamWorks has not only produced blockbusters like »Gladiator«, »Shrek« or »Madagascar«, but also owns a record label called DreamWorks Records which has signed artists like Nelly Furtado, The Isley Brothers or George Michael. TV programs and video games have also been produced.

Here you can see the animated opening credits:

It surely is not a coincidence that it is a child that sits amid the nightly sea of clouds, on the for us unreachable celestial body, which reminds us how important dreams are in our lives.


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    I like your memos

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    I never knew the history of the logo. I have always liked it but now that I know the meaning behind it, it is definitely special.

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