»Shrek« … the full moon again and again


Who doesn’t know the bilious green, clumsy and yet endearing ogre with a heart of gold. »Shrek« is a series of computer animated motion pictures, which was the most costly computer animated production with their first part when it was released back in 2001, and awarded with an Oscar for best animation in 2002. The story is based on the children’s book »Shrek!« by the American cartoonist and children’s book author William Steig. The title derives of Yiddish and means »terror«. The movie was so successful that further sequels followed.

The full moon keeps appearing in the »Shrek« movies. Often, the Moon is merely suggested as bluish light, but in a variety of scenes, it is shown directly. It is unforgettable, when Shrek and his faithful donkey companion sit together one night, adoring the Moon, while having conversations, or also the romantic moment between Shrek and his beloved Fiona. Even Puss-in-Boots has an appearance with the shining full moon in the background – obviously gigantic!


Here you can look at a full moon scene of »Shrek« on YouTube (funnily enough in Spanish).

Shrek was produced by the company »DreamWorks« (the one with the fishing boy sitting on the moon crescent!), the company that was founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeff Katzenberg and David Geffen. »Shrek« part I contains a few parodies, which date from the fact that Jeff Katzenberg left »Disney-Studios« in a dispute, for example ›The Three Little Pigs‹, King Kong or Robin Hood. Meanwhile, a Broadway musical has been created also, which toured in the US in 2013 and is currently touring UK in 2014.

The Moon offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic and reflective moment, this is shown in movies as much as in real life.

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