Full moon romance with “Lady and the Tramp”

“Lady and the Tramp” made in 1955, belongs to one of the most beautiful and most successful cartoons by Walt Disney. The story of the elegant female dog Lady and the fun-loving vagabond Tramp, shows how love can overcome social boundaries. In reality, this is of course a human issue and not one of our four-legged friends. However – as usual with Disney – it has been staged simply convincingly. And this is how a good acquaintance joins Lady and the Tramp in the nightly scenery: the full moon.

There are two scenes in particular, where the full moon plays a part. For a start, when the two of them have dinner at their Italian friend’s Tony in the backyard and where they get closer during spaghetti and meatballs (the full moon becomes visible with a pan shot upwards between the house facades and laundry), and then later, naturally, during the walks through the park, as can be seen in the following clip:

It is the small stories about love that remain in our memory and they are especially beautiful in the moonlight. And if one of those stories, is still being told after all this years, it has survived the ephemeral nature of our modern everyday life and has found a place in our hearts.


  1. Rolls Royce | 28 December 2020

    I remember this like it was yesterday. Amazing 1955!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. June LaRoche | 28 December 2020

    Thank you for the beautiful memory. I was 3 when this movie came out. There was a drive in movie across the street from were my mom worked as a waitress. And many times daddy would take me to the movies to see a Disney movie while waiting to pick up my mom after her shift. This was one on the many movies we saw together so long ago but sometimes it seems like yesterday. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy new year!

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