The moonflower

There is a plant called Ipomoea alba in Latin, but it also goes by the name of »Moonflower«, because its blossoms open in the evening and at night and because its round, white shape reminds of the full moon. It is native to tropical and subtropical regions, in particular Argentina, Mexico and Florida. The moonflower is a climbing plant and belongs to the genus ipomoea, incidentally, the same genus as a sweet potato (especially cultivated in China, Nigeria and Uganda).

The moonflower is despite its large blossoms (up to 15 cm diameter), more of a modest creature, which grows and blooms in silence, no star on the big stage of floristry. Maybe this is why the comparison to the moon is so fitting.

If taking a closer look, you can find another incredibly interesting aspect: the seeds of ipomoeas contain a substance called ergine that is related to the narcotic LSD and has a hallucinogenic effect. The concentration however, is quite low. Probably, because its beauty is far more intoxicating than the chemical substance …

Meanwhile, we simply enjoy the look of this enchanting flower and hope to encounter it just once in the moonlight.

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