“Full Moon Silhouettes” by Mark Gee


“Full Moon Silhouettes” is an almost 4 minute real time video by the Australian photographer and visual effect artist Mark Gee, where the rise of the full moon is shown, above Mount Victoria lookout in Wellington (New Zealand). You can see an uncut sequence where the Moon rises from the lower right corner above the horizon, and ascends to the left upper side (because this takes place on the southern hemisphere!). The visitors on the lookout are visible as black silhouettes in front of the yellow Moon and its luna maria.

This video was filmed one day after the full moon, on Monday 28th January 2013 (the full moon was on Sunday, 27th 2013 at 05:38:24 pm NZDT) and has received more than 6.6 million clicks since it was published on VIMEO. Mark Gee writes that he shot the video from 1.3 miles distance with a very long focal length of 1300 mm. He needed various attempts over a period of several months, which were contingent upon weather conditions, the search for a viewpoint and the timing.

What emerges has a fascinating poetic effect, which is enhanced by the contrast of the visual elements: the slowly rising Moon against the rapid movements of people, the bright yellow celestial body against the black of the individuals, the soft focus of the Moon against the sharp edges of the silhouettes … the distance of the Moon and of the people appears to be non-existent.

The video is a beautiful and artistic account of how art is capable to raise our spirit. When we then encounter the Moon, miracles are not too far away.

We would like to thank Mark Gee for the permission to show his video here in our full moon blog.
Website: markg.com.au
Vimeo: vimeo.com/markg


  1. Suzanne | 31 March 2014

    Love that one!

    Glad you posted it : )

  2. Claudia | 19 March 2014


  3. Meena Moodley | 15 March 2014

    The full Mooni is very significant to us Hindus
    and we chant the Gayathree Manthra on full moon day.Thank you for sending me the info on the full moon day every month.Love Meena.

  4. Dawn Cawthorne | 15 March 2014

    omg that was absolutely fantastic, beautiful .

  5. Cheryll | 14 March 2014


  6. Captain Cathy Madigan Eagle/Southwest Florida | 14 March 2014

    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Marilyn van Oppen | 14 March 2014

    Thank you! I really enjoy Mark Gee’s Full Moon video…it is everything you say and more!

  8. Anonymous | 14 March 2014

    The moon silhouette is gorgeous

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