The full moon in “Frozen”


This animation of 2013 is the most successful movie by the Disney Animation Studios yet, and supersedes the previous hit “The Lion King“. Not only in the US and Japan, but this production also received many awards in Germany (amongst other things the Oscar 2014 for ›Best Animated Feature‹ and ›Best Original Song‹) and was a box office hit.

The story of the princesses Anna and Elsa and their adventures in snow and ice, which were brought into the kingdom of Arendelle by Elsa, through her extraordinary and simultaneously unwanted abilities (cryokinesis – to freeze water with the power of thought), thrives on the spectacular visual and light effects and fascinating characters.

There is a wonderful full moon scene, where Anna and Hans discover their love on the evening of Elsa’s coronation ceremony and express it in the song »Love is an Open Door«. Initially, they dance in front of the oversized full moon across a bridge, later they frame the full moon in the sky with their hands, creating a heart shape.

(Full moon scenes: 1:05–1:10 min and 1:43–1:47 min)

That the proportion of the full moon doesn’t correspond with reality, is not affecting the enchantment of these images. Ultimately, it is the purpose of a movie to lure us into another world. And when the full moon shines bright in this world, the magic is within the reach of young and old.

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