Dance at the full moon in »The Lion King«

»The Lion King« from 1994, is one of the most successful animated movies, and just like in other works from the house of Walt Disney (»The Lady and the Tramp« and others), we are able to gaze at the full moon up in the sky in nightly scenes.

Particularly well-known is the image, where Simba dances across a tree trunk with his companions, which enables them to cross a large river in front of the backdrop of a gigantic full moon. This motif has also been used for various movie posters and can also be watched in the movie trailer:

The story of »The Lion King« touches some very primal areas of human life and its dramas. We thought it to be very exciting reading about the plot exhibiting similarities with Shakespeare’s »Hamlet«: the king (Mufasa) who was killed by his brother (Scar) and the story of the prince (Simba), who eventually avenges this act.

Maybe this is the recipe of success of these movies. The mixture of profoundly moving feelings and heavenly sceneries. For similar reasons, we enjoy looking at the Moon …

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