The »Moon Pie«

We have already reported about full moon delicacies, which are being produced during the full moon. Especially popular are full moon bread, cheese, sausage, coffee, beer and water. But there are also foods that have been simply connected to the Moon via their shape and therefore carry the moon in their name. For example the mooncake at the Chinese festival or the American »Moon Pie«, a sandwich cookie that has been made since 1917.

The »Moon Pie« consists of two round cookies (graham crackers), a filling of marshmallows and a coating, mostly chocolate. Originally, it had a diameter of approx. 4 inches (a full moon amongst the cookies, so to say) and was firstly produced in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It used to be the »working man’s lunch« for a long time, in combination with the Royal Crown Cola – just like a song goes by Big Bill Lister from the 50s: »Gimme a RC-Cola and a Moon Pie«

Everyone can decide for themselves, whether the »Moon Pie« is a delicacy. Since it has been around on this planet for almost 100 years, there seems to be something to it …

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