“Full Moon Song” by Peter Bradley Adams

Peter Bradley Adams is an American singer-songwriter, who has managed amid the flood of commercial songs and loud beats, to tell his own story – with a warm voice and quiet sounds.

His song “Full Moon Song” from 2011 is one of those stories.  According to his own statement, this song came to fruition after a short stay in prison (from which he did not break out as stated in the lyrics, but was released on bail). He talks about freedom that now becomes significant to him and makes a new life possible. He wants to see the world through the eyes of a child and experience love without fear of losing something.

You don’t exactly find out a lot of personal things about Peter Bradley Adams in the Internet, also his year of birth remains hidden (one can detect though, that he should be over 40 from the line of the lyrics “Now I’m standing in the wake of forty years …“). Somehow this makes him likeable. He sings, as if his words were only aimed at oneself. This creates the feeling of closeness and privacy – at the same time, a part of him remains concealed. Most things that fascinate us, are based on this combination …


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